I don’t know where you where the weekend of May 6-9 but I can tell you where you should’ve been…


Oh my gah!! You would not believe the level of talent that came together to celebrate all that is Burlesque and Awesome at this years festival. There were so many performances that had to be seen to be believed! I can only imagine that this is how you would feel after you had ridden a real live Unicorn home from the carnival for the first time (I’m still waiting for my first time… seriously…..waiting… annnyytime now..WHERE ARE YOU UNICORN!!?? whheerree..). But I swear to you! Exactly like that- Magical, Majestical, and Un-frickin-believable!!

Absolute standout highlights include anything to do with this year’s headliner TIGGER! I have now denounced formal religion and am basically going to worship a small shrine that I have erected in my closet. I made it out of a manky eyelash that I think is his and a gentleman’s thong. I’m not joking..

But Honestly! It was a rare and true pleasure to watch an absolute professional work the crowd and stage. His character and commitment were excelled only by his magic side split leaping powers. At the culmination of each of his acts, he would repeatedly fly into the air NAKED into the splits oh I dont know.. like 8x in a row? I’m pretty sure he is some kind of Ninja Wizard!! But in drag!! And seriously, who doesn’t want to worship a Ninja Wizard in drag!?

Those lucky enough to attend his workshop on Saturday can attest to the heart and care of a performer who is truly devoted to his craft and is absolutely committed to it’s integrity. Beyond the how to of Burlesque is the why. Examining why we do what we do and why we must do what we do, Tigger showed us how powerful a medium Burlesque can truly be. Tigger means to change the world one naked leaping side split at a time and I absolutely applaud him for it. I personally left inspired and with a renewed sense of glittery, tassel shaking, shimmy making self.

Part II coming soon..