I like people that are smarter and/or more successful than me- especially when I am able to learn how to be smarter and or more successful. Found some notable quotables whilst researching life today and thought I’d share.

“As a DIY artist, my success all came from finding people who were sympatico with me, either music-wise or politics-wise, and we helped each other. I took (Vancouver-based) DJ Rhiannon on a little tour, she got me a gig in Mexico, and this is what Peaches and I were talking about. All these stories of these artists, they’re kind of the same story, and it sounds kind of cheesy, but being a good person that other people wanna work with, and giving back what you get from people so they keep giving. A really simple concept, but it’s the driving force of anyone’s success.”

-DJ Betti Forde in her interview with the West Ender about women in digital arts

“Everything that you want in life is on the other side of fear and discipline.”

-Steve Barnes in his advice about looking at the hero’s journey in light of current life situations