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Archive for May, 2011

VIBF Thursday!!

Posted on May 6th, 2011

Last night was a stellar start to what is sure to be an epic weekend for Burlesque in Vancouver. Luscious Pink, a fundraiser for Breast Cancer, Pandora and the Locksmiths, and Bloody Betty and the Deadly Sins all brought their A game and put on heart stopping spectacles of Burlesque amazingness!

Photo by Page Turner

For me, the real standout of the Luscious Pink production was Burlesque starlet Jenny Magenta. I knew what this performance would mean to Jenny considering the ways in which cancer has coloured her own experiences and she did not disappoint. It takes some real artistry to not turn a Florence and the Machine song into something wanky- The entire performance was full of emotion and I particularly enjoyed how Jenny used her Flamenco and dance training to create something truly innovative. Brava Jenny!! We missed you!!

Valery Vyntage also had a callback for her middle aged woman number. I haven’t seen alot of comedy from Valery but is definitely something she should continue to explore!! I think one of the greatest things about a Burlesque performance can be when a performer makes fun of herself. It gives us all permission to be ourselves and helps us see that there is no reason to have all these hang ups. Its a different type of grace.

Pandora and the Locksmiths deserve every bit of success and praise they get!! They are the ultimate in professional production and performance! You can see exactly how much they love what they do- the pain staking time and effort put into each costume and from the band is unreal. The girls are all pros and deliver consistent quality and beauty with each performance. I loved the cabaret style chair dance at the beginning but was absolutely blown away by Nicky’s vampiress solo. Fuck girl. Lola Frost has got some up and coming competition for the slow burn. Delilah Dares belly dance/burlesque fusion to a jazz version of Britney’s Toxic was absolutely spellbinding as well!! No wonder it was selected for the Innovators night at BHOF this year. It was epic and I effing loved it!!!

Closing out the night were Bloody Betty and the Deadly Sins. I opted for 3 garbage bags to cover my GoGo Superman Hooker ensemble I had going on and chose to stay in the splatter zone. I absolutely loved that Betty and the Sins had a production in the festival this year!! And I extra loved that they went on right after Pandora. It was just a really great demonstration of all that Burlesque can and should be. Both equally deserving and beautiful in their separate ways. I think I really realized last night the reason I dig Gorelesque so much. For one, its campy madness to an extreme but its also about the truth. The girls involved have something to express but its not about being pretty. They hold the mirror up high to society and no one is safe. Not even JonBenet Ramsey. One of my favourite performances came from Rebel Valentine. Rebel’s portrayal of drug addiction was extremely emotional and terrifyingly real. If I didn’t know Ms. Rebel in real life and what a ray of sunshine she actually is, I would probably assume some pretty terrible things. She was that good. The other HAVE TO MENTION.. like HAVE to.. was Little Miss Risk’s shit bikini. Ohhhh my god. Apparently she has a fear of public toilets and this was the inspiration for this number. It was disgusting and really well done. I have watched 1000s of performances in my lifetime… and just when you think you have seen it all. Holla girl!! And finally, Bloody Betty herself. Her last solo was performed amazingly! Drag, Comedy, Gore. It was the complete package as far as I’m concerned and she pulled it off flawlessly. There are so many effects that these girls go through and they can be a bitch to pull off seamlessly; but Betty the pro. Fuck yes!!!!!

Looking forward to tonight!! Sinner Saint from Seattle, One night at the Cave, and Sex at the Circus!! See you there bitches!! xoxox

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Inga Ingenue at Viva Las Vegas

Posted on May 5th, 2011

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Randi Rascal in Training for BHOF!

Posted on May 4th, 2011

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My 4 Year Burlesque-a-versary!

Posted on May 2nd, 2011

Today is my 4 year Burlesque-a-versary!!! Four years ago today, I graduated from the Becoming Burlesque program with a bevy of bountiful beauties (seriously.. behold the boobies in our grad photo!!)!! Its been an amazing 4 years and I feel so lucky to have this life. I remember thinking at the time that, “this is something that actually exists?” and being so incredulous about it. The opportunities I have been given and the experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met. Its been more than I could ever ask for. :)

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