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Toronto Burlesque Fest – Day 2 Thurs, July 22

Posted on July 23rd, 2010

Tonight was actually the “official” opening night for the festival and what a packed night. All the action was still at the Gladstone Hotel. Upstairs there was the retrospective of Dr. Sketchy artwork  - if you don’t know this series, check it out – Life Drawing sessions made sexy! In one of the main bars, everyone got together to meet each other, have a few drinks and start the eve – and, wow, what an eve…

We started with a press conference, discussing the future of Burlesque. I was on the panel that included Dirty Martini, Roxi Dlite, Michelle L’amour, Jo “Boobs” Weldon, Satan’s Angel, Tigger!, Julie Atlas Muz, Sauci Calla Hora and Tanya Cheex. A few good questions were asked and I was able to make my point that new media offers many exciting new possibilities for Burlesque, in both how it’s conceived, presented and distributed.

After that, the shows began – In one bar were Teaser Performances by some up and coming talent, and in the ballroom there was the Rising Star Showcase. The wonderfully entertaining Keith Cole (who is a front-runner in the 2010 Toronto mayoral candidate race) hosted the first half and the very cool Indigo Blue of Seattle hosted the second. I really dug the overall quality of these new performers and have to give special mention to Mahogony Storm and Johnny aka Claire Ness.

There was also an art-bra auction, with proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research. Different artists and designers created these and a couple were outstanding – so much so that the final piece, a double CN Tower tipped metal representation of Toronto incited a bidding frenzy between yours truly and Sauci Calla Hora. I was secretly bidding to gift t to her and she was bidding to gift it to Burlesque legend Satan’s Angel (whom I heart greatly). In the end, Sauci won out at $245, which we both shared and the bra went to Angel – Can’t wait to see it on her :-)

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Toronto Burlesque Festival, Day 1

Posted on July 23rd, 2010

I arrived in a muggy Toronto and headed straight to the Gladstone Hotel, TBF Central and host to events tonight and tomorrow night.

The Festival kicked off with Naked Girls Reading, the salon-esque session created by Chicago’s Michelle L’amour that both celebrates the beauty and poise of the female form and also the intimacy of hearing their spoken word from personally chosen selections.

The theme of this years festival is “Metopolis, the Future of Burlesque”, so they all read sci-fi. I arrived a bit late, so missed the first few readings, but of the ones I did see and hear, I have to say this was pretty cool and beautiful to watch. And funny too as they all joined to read as different characters in a new comic book for the final piece. Kudos Ladies!


Next it was the screening of Gary Beebers documentary “Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque” I was especially excited to see this as StripCHEEZ sponsored the screening and the stars were in attendance. It studies Dirty Martini, her work, life and community as one of the pioneers in New York’s neo-Burlesque scene. When she and her friends/co-stars started to perform as Burlesque dancers, there weren’t any current performers or even a dedicated scene to learn from. They came from a variety of backgrounds – and still do – studied the original pioneers of the art form and essentially created the new world of Burlesque that is becoming so prevalent now. They do what they do because they love it and they’re damn good at it – consistently entertaining and thought provoking. The documentary was crisp and giving credit to everyone interviewed on screen, very entertaining. Wonderful work Gary and I now have a crush on Dirty J

After the screening, the one, the only (seriously) Tigger! Took to the stage in a performance about marriage and then as host of the evening, introducing each of the documentary’s stars as they came onstage to give us a performance: Jo
Boobs” Weldon, Peekaboo Pointe, Julie Atlas Muz and the lady herself, Dirty Martini. Edgy and strong performances, mixed with great beauty and skill.

Gotta say that on behalf of StripCHEEZ, we’re hugely proud to have had the opportunity to bring the film to Toronto and personally, I’m hugely honored to get to know these interesting, thought-provoking and pretty damn cool artists.

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